Laniti Horns Vs Ale Horn

Dec 12, 2022

Laniti Horns Vs Ale Horn

Before comparing we must try to understand Viking way of life and their culture 

Modern depictions of the Vikings seem to be captivated by horns, especially horns in the helmets and horns for drinking. The former use is proved a modern fabrication, stating again: The Vikings didn't wear Hats with horns. Meanwhile, the second use is different. But was Viking Drinking Horn a historical truth? Perhaps it was but it wasn't like what you might have been thinking of. 

Artifacts about Viking drinking horns have been found across the Viking sites, from graveyards to ancient picture stones. The most shining example of pictorial evidence is the depiction of a drinking party painted on stone. This pictorial evidence was found in Gotland dating back to around the 8th century. It depicted all attendees holding drinking horns. 

According to what the historians and scholars believed, Viking drinking horns were among the most expensive and luxurious things in the time. They were the exclusive items to be used on special occasions like ceremonies or rituals. The Vikings found it difficult to obtain a horn because raising animal in Scandinavian would encounter many hardships. Therefore, Viking drinking horns were precious few things in the Viking age. Only the wealthy could afford one. 

This didn't mean decent Vikings couldn't have one drinking horn in their life. The Viking chieftains might have been awarded their great warriors with the drinking horn for their loyalty and achievements. 

Based on the above, Viking's were a brotherhood & sisterhood therefore we believe in a 60 day return policy 


Alehorn has a 30 day return policy but no more then that

Here at Laniti we offer a 60 day return policy