Our Story

Here at Laniti Horns, we pride ourselves in Viking culture and giving you the highest quality product to enhance your experience.

keeping you happy and presenting you with the very best quality products and customer care are our primary goals! Don't forget to wash them with plain water before use. All warranty matters are managed immediately by Laniti.

We are dedicated to making and selling the highest quality Viking reproductions on the market, ranging from simple horn shoes to unique high-end products not found elsewhere. In addition to historical items, we also offer contemporary products that have been inspired by and interpreted from by our Viking way of living.

What makes us unique is that we are always bringing in new Viking-themed products. On top of that, we have a variety of different products to choose from and we push the boundaries when it comes to value and quality. It’s important for us to bring you the value and results you expect, all while making the experience as rewarding as possible.

If you want outstanding Viking-inspired products, don’t hesitate and give us a shot. We sell some of the most interesting, authentic Viking items and you will be incredibly impressed with their quality and attention to detail. Give us a try today and immerse yourself in the Viking Culture!

Please reach us if you have any concerns, and we'll make sure we take care of!